Our pets are part of our family. They work with us, they protect us, and we love them.

However, during a crisis, our pets can be so much more than just sweet, furry bundles of joy, that we love like they were our children.

They can be the difference between life and death.

During the police state, sercret government soldiers will scour our homes, searching for and removing our weapons, caches of food, and medical supplies. This will make us utterly dependent upon the shadow government, for everything. And forget fighting back, because once our weapons are gone, no matter how skilled our militia men are, they won’t stand a chance against a fully armed, shadow solider.

Hiding our survival kits and ammo staches will be essential. But where? The secret police will be sure to leave no couch cushion undisturbed and no stone unlooked under.

Flag Waver Industries has your solution.

The Bio Pet Pak is a survival kit the secret police will never find, because its been surgically implanted into your loving and loyal pet. This rugged, plastic, liquid-proof survival box, has been pre-filled with specific survival tools, weapons, MRE’s or medicines, that your family will need.

After you’ve chosen your Bio Pet Pak fillings, it’s time to safely insert them into the body cavity of your beloved pet. A Flag Waver Industries certified pet surgeon will arrive at your home and gently sedate your pet. Surgery takes a little less than ten minutes and by no time at all, your dog or cat will be up, running around and playing an even more important part in your life.

The sacrifice your pet will make during a crisis, isn’t unlike what the patriots who’ve fought and died for our freedoms, sacrificed. Your little fuzzy friend will be forever remembered for its brave contribution to your families survival. As a meal, as a protector, as a hero.

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