Colloidal Lead

Colloidal LeadFor centuries colloidal silver has been used for its incredible health benefits. However what it doesn’t protect you from, is radiation poisoning.

Introducing from the Flag Waver Industries ‘Elixers division’ New Colloidal Lead!

Lead’s gotten a bad rap over the centuries for being a supposed toxic heavy metal. Yet, we “wrap” ourselves in lead every time we get an x-ray, to protect our vital organs from radiation exposure.

Colloidal Lead is a revolutionary new way to protect yourself from deadly radiation, from the inside out. These micro-particles of lead, suspended in a delicious fruit flavored liquid, will settle on the surface of your vital organs and cocoon them in a radiation-proof shield.

So when the terrorists detonate a dirty bomb in your town, you won’t need to duck, cover and hit the ground. Keep your patriotic head held high, with New Colloidal Lead!

3 fruit favors!

Mango Tomato

Watermelon Lemon

Durian Kiwi


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