Commemorative Spoons!!!

Commemorative Spoons

Flag Waver Industries War Memorial Wooden Spoon of the Month Club

Our service men and women risk their lives to keep us protected. From our nations bloody beginning; thousands have died so that millions can live free.

We honor our fallen soldiers with war memorial statues, in just about every city across our country.

But visiting each of these war memorials would be expensive, and with many of our brave patriotic citizens experiencing hardships brought about by our continually struggling economy, even visiting just one of these bronze or marble war memorial statues is out of question.

Well not anymore!

Introducing the Flag Waver Industries Authentically-real, actual handcrafted, War Memorial, Wooden Spoon Set of the month club.

Each of these handmade Wooden Spoons, was whittled by a real, patriotic, Tennessee Mountain Hermit. Many of these talented men are veterans, and many more have convinced themselves they are.

Each spoon has the name of an American city that proudly displays a war memorial statue or building. No need to spend thousands of dollars traveling all across the country, to salute these amazing war memorials. Simply display your spoon collection above the fireplace* and show your patriotism every day, in your own home.

Each month you’ll have in your hands, a new wooden spoon, that was only hours before, in the hands of Tennessee mountain hermit.

You’ll receive:



Oklahoma City

And many, many more.

*Do not display above fireplace! Spoons are made of combustible materials and coated with a highly flammable petroleum-based lacquer and may suddenly ignite above temperatures of 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

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