Patriotic Pioneer American Coin Detector

There just isn’t a bigger slap in the face, then spending hours of back breaking metal detecting, only to pull from our rich, American soil, a foreign coin.

Whether it be worthless bits of tin stamped with maple leaves, brought to our land by clumbsy Canadian beaver hunters or Spanish conquistadors who stumbled around, drunk off tequila, littering our American ground with weird, solid gold medallions. Finding one of these anti-American coins is enough to make any true patriot want to puke!

Just imagining some Frenchman somewhere laughing his ass off at the thought of our patriotic men, squatin’ in the mud, digging up their filthy coins…well, it made us here at Flag Waver Industries, furious. So we got to work!

The New Patriotic Pioneer Metal Detector is the worlds’s first handheld coin finder, that locates ONLY American coins. No more coming up short when you realize that oversized hunk of silver in your hand, with the picture of some queer queen on it, is made of foreign precious metals, you wouldn’t be caught dead cashing in at an American bank.

This state-of-the-art beauty is manufactured right here in the United States, by brave, American workers, who get paid in American currency.

We used only red, white and blue wires in the heart of this incredible device and every bit of steel used to construct this sturdy machine, was taken from melted down, decommissioned flagpoles, that only flew AMERICAN FLAGS! Flagpoles that once proudly graced the grounds of VFW buildings, torn down due to budget cuts.

So don’t ever be caught bending over for a foreign coin again. Cause it may be valuable, but if it isn’t American, it’s worthless!

Patriotic Pioneer Metal Detector

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